Welcome Aboard and Enjoy the Ride!

Welcome to Otaku Drive Time (OTDT).
When we began this project a number of months ago we set out with a simple idea: Promote the anime, tokusatsu, manga, j-pop, j-rock, and video game communities. As it turned out the idea was a lot more difficult than expected. It seems that in todays fandom the lines between the Japanese fandoms and American nerddom have become very blurred.
So, how do we stay true to what we want to be, attract new readers and listeners, and cover everything we want to? What we created was OTDT.net.
The modern anime fan is no longer just a die hard anime fan (Otaku). The modern Otaku in the United States is a fan of anime, j-pop, j-rock, manga, tokusatsu, but also Star Wars, Star Trek, My Little Pony, Transformers, Dr. Who, Marvel Comics, DC Comics, Homestuck, and more. The fans themselves have transformed the term Japanese term Otaku from being something to be ashamed of to a term taken in pride in the United States Nerd Culture. So, when anyone on this site writes of an Otaku, it should be assumed that we are referring to the “American Otaku.”