Suspect behind Kuroko’s Basketball threats caught

Mainichi Shimbun among others are reporting that police have arrested the man believed responsible for making terroristic threats against Kuroko’s Basketball creator Tadatoshi Fujimaki and Kuroko-related events. His crimes include mailing threatening letters to the author and event holders, attempting to release hydrogen sulfide into a university gymnasium, and potentially spiking Kuroko-branded snacks with nicotine.

The police need to be lauded for their efforts so far, even more so if the charges hold. It had to have been frustrating to have so many events canceled since the incidents started in 2012, but events can be replaced. People can’t. Obviously, the culprit is a very troubled individual who was willing to harm others to get what he wanted, which was allegedly “revenge” on Fujimaki for being successful. It’s a small miracle that no real injuries were caused, but investigators helped thanks to their use of extreme caution.

In the best case scenario, the next news item will be how this person is going to be off the streets for a very long time, but this is still a developing story.