Texas Convention Announces Guests It Does Not Have

“Guests” go to Facebook to clarify they were never approached by the convention.

Over the weekend, voice actors Michelle Ruff and Bryce Pappenbrook posted on their respective Facebook pages that they had never been in contact with Ruronikon even though they were announced as guests for that particular convention.  In other words, Ruronikon was announcing guests it did not confirm or even speak to in any way.

We did some investigating and here is what we know:

  • It looks like the actual convention is Con_Certo (according to animecons.com), which announced six guests that it didn’t have.  In 2013, Chibi Kon, presumably run by the same people, announced Todd Haberkorn without confirming him, either.  The 2012 convention had no such issues listed.
  • The organizers of these conventions, to the best of our knowledge, is Cosplay Cares, but their website, ruronikon.org, currently links to a Japanese-language site talking about marriage.  We could not find anything linking to Con_Certo other than the animecons page (which says that there’s new management), but we were able to get other links for Chibi Con.
  • The McAllen Convention Center, which is supposed to be the location for Con_Certo does not currently list the show on its calendar. However, the site also doesn’t show the next Omnicon, which has been at the Convention Center since 2011, so it is possible that this is just an oversight on the CC’s part.

There are a lot of things that don’t seem to line up here, but given that shows pop up all the time and often disappear just as quickly, it’s way too early to draw a definitive conclusion as to what exactly is going on. However, announcing guests of honor that you haven’t actually talked to is bad form for any convention, even if it’s a well-known one.