Cruising with Zipcon, Miyazaki’s Issues with Anime, Danball Senki, Kikader, and Twitch plays Pokemon

The crew is joined by Eric Murray who comes with coverage of the first Zipcon. They then look at the new reboot of the classic Tokusatsu Kikaider. Moving forward they look at the news that Dentsu USA has partnered with Nicktoons to bring LBX (Danball Senki) to the United States. With that they talk about Hayao Miyazaki’s comments that the problem with the anime industry is that it is full of Otaku Wrapping things up we drive past “Twitch Plays Pokémon” and discuss the wonders of it.


Amber Lee Connors (IMDB)

Kikader Reboot May 24 2014
Official Licensor of US Kikaider
Daisuke Ban
Danball Senki Nicktoons Release
Danball Senki Nicktoons Release (Anime News Network)
Danball Senki Nicktoons Press Release (PR News Wire)
Miyazaki’s Problem with the Anime Industry…(Anime News Network)

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