OTDT Roundabout 4 May 2014

If you got caught up in Golden Week or Star Wars Day, here’s what you missed this week.

-It’s been a month since Japan increased its sales tax to 8%.  Guess who’s not happy about it (“Everybody” is technically correct, but not the answer we’re looking for.)

-Over in America, e-sports are coming to the X Games while Nintendo is hosting a Smash Tournament.  It’s like the console wars all over again.

-For the otaku numismatist in your life, a coin to commemorate 50 years of the shinkansen.  Will they show up in ToQer, I wonder?

-Shout out to all the Garden of Sinners fans out there; Haagen-Dazs will be selling vegetable ice cream in Japan

-In music: A brief history of girl’s rock and on the pop side, Yuu Serizawa shows why we can’t have nice things.

-FamilyMart is installing chargers for electric cars.  Sounds weird at first, but cars are very much a thing in Japan, even though it’s not as big a thing (for somewhat obvious reasons).

And, of course, don’t forget to catch up on your OTDT, including an important manga review, Eleven’s new gig, and what plaid shirts have to do with our hobby.