OTDT Roundabout 11 May 2014

For those still recovering from getting hit by the nostalgia bomb, here’s a catch-up of everything else from the past week.

-FiveThirtyEight asks the hard questions, like “Where was OSHA in Amazing Spider-Man 2?” and “Who owns the Championship Belt for baseball video games”?

Sausage making isn’t pretty.

-For all you Little Monsters that can’t get to see Miku in person, here’s a quick clip.

-In other West in the East news, Frozen tops a different sales chart, Downton Abbey comes to NHK, and Godzilla gets fat-shamed?

-Nintendo is getting into the NFC collectibles game, probably to distract everyone from its poor sales and criticism of Life choices.

-Other business news: Goldman Sachs has a solution for Japan’s GDP crisis and the Unofficial Old-Man Shirt Provider of Otaku Drive Time aka UNIQLO comes to Pennsylvania.

And OTDT was busy spending their week talking about well, anything whether it be here or far away.