OTDT Roundabout 18 May 2014

Here’s a roundup of the stories we missed because we were too busy giving Viz all of our money

-Telecoms are teaming up to test 5G technologies. We can only hope that Ozzy Ozbourne is still relevant by then.

-Wolfe was right; you can’t go home again, even if you’re King of the Monsters.

-Need to do something with your LINE account other than chat and play PongPongPong all day?  How about vote for a K-pop roster?

-In DUN DUN DUNNNNNNN news: Net neutrality, muting TwitterXBox One minus Kinect, and Flappy Bird

-Nealy 50 years after his first appearance, Paul McCartney was going to play Budokan, until he didn’t.

Moar pokeymans! Can US haz?

And when the OTDT crew didn’t wanna be a millionaire so freaking bad, we were covering the usual Disney nonsense, the power of the I in Japan and a bunch of other crap.