OTDT Roundabout 25 May 2014

Japan doesn’t have Memorial Day off (though it now has Mountain Day) so we won’t either. Here’s this week’s roundup of ICYMI news.

-In 2013, Yokohama announced a project to ensure every young child got into daycare. I am not being sarcastic when I say it almost worked.

-The latest trend in Asian fusion cuisine could be…Japanese burritos? I guess you could consider it a absurdist take on temaki or maybe gunkanmaki.

-Speaking of fusion, in the acquisition rumor mill this week: YouTube x Twitch? Twitter x SoundCloud? One that already has been acquired, Oculus, is getting sued.

-Now for sports: In football news, a soon-to-be-former AKB48 member will be reporting from Rio once she’s an actual former AKB48 member. (Luckily, she was not one of the girls attacked at an event, though everyone seems to be okay.) Also, Man City invests in a Yokohama side in the J-League. In baseball, Hanshin’s reserve team thinks they are Gifted Youngsters, the story of Hi-Chew and the Green Monster, and how baseball expansion can save the economy.

(Pardon the interruption, but I feel the need to vent here: as stupid as the reasoning behind it is, and it is kinda stupid but YMMV, I’m totally down with NPB expansion. It’s two leagues of 6 teams each, and each team plays the other five TWENTY-FOUR TIMES EACH. That’s 120 games spent playing 5 teams. That’s way too much. Even the Yankees and Red Sox only play each other about a dozen and a half times. With 8 teams in each league, you can reduce that number to 16 games per team, keep the 4 per interleague team, and still play the 144 games each NPB team plays per season right now. Granted 16 still seems like a lot, but it’s more tolerable that 24. Make this happen.)

-In other news, for those who find themselves on the other side of the Pacific, here’s a handy guide to Japanese recycling.

-Cool tech alert: a wearable 4K camera for $400, a $20 print-on-demand T-shirt from UNIQLO, and AT&T’s luggage tags that track your bags if they get lost. If only the app came with a way to taze the schmuck who put it on the wrong flight to begin with.

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