OTDT Roundabout 1 June 2014

Happy June! Have the week in ICYMI.

-Simultaneous releases are becoming more common with movies and anime.  Now manga is getting into the action, and it’s a pretty important one, too.

-E-tailer Rakuten is opening a brick-and-mortar cafe. Is coffee with your e-reader the new market inefficiency?

-More tech stuff: There’s a reason why our website is a dot net; Google’s driverless cars allow me space to champion Dennou Coil; you can’t unlock your cell phone in Japan…yet; and NHK is getting close to giving you literal feels.

-Get hype alert: A Mighty No.9 updateXBox One has a launch date in Japan, North America may be getting Attack on Titan for the 3DS, and Mario has a sweet new ride.

-Congratulations to Utada Hikaru on her hopefully long and prosperous marriage. In other music news, Taylor Swift does PSA’s, Namie Amuro collaborates, and the global music industry got beef with YouTube.

-JR West’s upcoming sleeper train pushes the limits of the IMAGINAAAATION! (Sorry)

(Not sorry)

In the meantime, catch up on our Godzilla coverage (yay!) Japan Travel coverage (also yay!) law coverage (boo, but actually yay?) and new Tenchi coverage (eep).

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