OTDT Roundabout 8 June 2014

If you were busy waiting for your WiiU to update, here are some of the stories you missed this week.

-Food news! Take a break on the train with a KitKat ticket. Opening jars may become a whole lot easier thanks to SCIENCE! MoMoClo Coke (MoMoCoke?) goes for ¥150,000, and a New Orleans brewer settles over MechaGodzilla beer.

Presented without comment.

-Will you be there for When Marnie was There? Elsewhere in the entertainment world, AKB48 is up and running again, albeit with a few adjustments, and 3D Doraemon is coming this August. No word on whether Pharell will make a confounding video for this movie, too.

-Sony, outselling Nintendo for the first time in a while, created a new high-level position for their US side, as well as a person to fill it. The Playstation Portable, however, has one foot out the door.

-In sports, a rookie wins on the PGA, the 2020 Summer Games are well in development, and the new World Cup ball was inspired by…ninja? Also, have a sea lion.

-And now, the weather: After a lousy weekend, (with no respite in Hokkaido) the rains are coming, and don’t get us started on the volcano issues.

And none of this has included any the things OTDT has covered its last episode, or when we talked about even more food or NSFW T-shirts.

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