OTDT Roundabout 22 June 2014

If you were too busy watching World Cup, here’s what you missed.

-Here’s something that pissed me and many Japanese off. I understand that there’s an issue with the birth rate in Japan, and I am not an expert these things, but I bet heckling fellow lawmakers on a real issue probably won’t improve things. Just saying.

-In other news, you don’t have to be the age of majority to vote in a referendum. Maybe it’ll improve the quality of Japan’s democracy?

-How much is a Guinness World Record worth? This one is over three-quarters of a million dollars. In other VG news, a follow-up to an April Fool’s joke, and as Grumpy Cat might say: NO

-Former Anison champions are forming a supergroup. At least it’s work for Himeka.

-Who’s doing the new Tenchi Muyo shorts? Surprise! (not a surprise).  Don’t know what type of anime Tenchi Muyo is? (Or any other title for that matter?) Kotaku has you covered with a handy breakdown

-Finally, the Attack on Titan reality game is going on the road. Just watched AoT for the first time, the other day (yeah, I know) and I had this thought: if you’re fighting (giant) zombies with gas-powered gear and sharp pointy things, why not make a chainsaw?

This all happened while OTDT was in a feedback loop while trying to learn Japanese while doing laundry sitting on our bums.

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