OTDT Roundabout 13 July 2014

We are not live from The Maracanä but we are here to provide you all the news you missed this week.

Chi’s Sweet Home is going on hiatus because essentially because the writer is out of stories. Good thing there’s the Internet.

-Potentially eligible for receiving a Nobel Peace Prize: The entire population of Japan?

-Speaking of which Mother Nature was not kind to the Japanese this week.

-The new Godzilla currently sits at around $490 million worldwide.  In two weeks, that should change drastically.

-Odd crossover promotion alerts: Danbo teams with Japan Post and Ultraman does more safe driving PSA’s.  Asia sure loves its celebrity PSA’s.

-The gaming world is wary of GameStop’s plans, but one person points out that pre-ordering was always a bad idea.

It’s a good thing you can always roll the dice with OTDT as we talk about new D&D, telling secrets by booklight, Oscar quizzes, and Toku Who.

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