OTDT Roundabout 20 July 2014

Every week, we wrap up the news we missed and the stories we didn’t.

-Bonjour, heroes.  Namco’s cafe chain Characro is expanding into Akihabara with a Tiger & Bunny motif.  I’ll be very disappointed if it serves Coke products.

-As for a real-life crime story, the Kuroko’s Basketball Case is nearing the finish line.

-In ninja-related news: CC Lemon goes parkour, the ninjas on the bus go…well they don’t make sounds, and Kazy Catanzaro goes boom the Internet.

-You remember BoA? Well, she’ll be dining with the Pope next month.

-In the fashion world this week: Hello Kitty’s current designer defends her meal ticket muse as the cat nears 40, and a former AKB member has her fashions pulled from the market.

-Finally, how about a faith-restoring tale about the 5-year-old buy who became Godzilla.

This would also be a good time to catch up on all the OTDT action.  You certainly don’t want to be behind the curve when people bring up our coverage of Pikachu cafes, Power Rangers movies, Street Fighter films, or Tokyo Station’s anniversary.

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