Get To Know This Ninja Warrior Obstacle

A potential foreshadowing of things to come in animated .gif form

Last Monday’s American Ninja Warrior in St. Louis wasn’t as bananas as the Dallas Finals, but it had its own kind of special and was still good enough to be one of the best shows on TV.  One thing that was probably overlooked was the new obstacle on the course.  For each round of regional qualifying, ANW likes to bring over something new from Japan.  This week, it was this:


Welcome, everyone, to the Crazy Cliffhanger.  This Stage 3 obstacle and current iteration of Cliffhanger (there are 6 in total) was introduced in the first of the SASUKE RISING Series. In three tournaments, only 4 out of 16 have succeeded in getting across.  So why did American ninjas go 9 for 12 in the St. Louis Finals?  Well, that’s because the Japanese Crazy Cliffhanger looks like this:

Crazy Cliffhanger: rear view (courtesy: Sasukepedia)

For ANW qualifying, a short span was added in the middle of that gap, making the obstacle much easier.

But like I said earlier, ANW adds new obstacles all the time.  Why should you care that NBC added a nerfed obstacle?  This is why:

ANW Ultimate Cliffhanger (courtesy: Sasukepedia)

NBC has been using the 5th-generation Cliffhanger ever since it started using Las Vegas for the National Finals.  In two seasons and one special, it’s been beaten six times.  Does this mean we’re in for a change in Vegas?  Sara and I thought so watching last Monday, but like any good cliffhanger, we’ll just have to wait and see.