OTDT Roundabout 27 July 2014

For those stuck in San Diego (or stuck outside of San Diego), here’s some of the news you missed.

-John Romero, co-founder of id Software was not at Comic Con, but at an art exhibit in New York explaining why he thinks the Free-To-Play model is hurting video games, especially consoles

-Jim Gogal’s restaurant of choice while in Japan, was affected by the Chinese chicken recall.

-Things you didn’t know you needed until this week: Zyuranger, as in the actual Japanese Zyuranger and this honest-to-god adorable Yowamushi Pedal figma.

-It’s deer season in Nara and cardboard Idolm@aster season in Kouenji.

-In digital news: Love Live trends, Firefly reunites (again), and The Legend of Korra goes digital-only, but everything’s still okay.

-Detective Conan news items! Search for treasure with your favorite Aoyama characters while you wait for the new Magic Kaito anime.

Other things to do while waiting including following OTDT, which gave you the lowdown on an important Cliffhanger, really big drums, longer-lasting batteries, LoL justice, and ESPN’s programming quirks, just to name a few.

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