OTDT Roundabout 3 August 2014

Dear Princess Celestia, this is what your faithful students missed while they were holding a convention in your honor.

-We start today with some updates of real-life news.  There’s been an update and clarification on the Comic-con incident, and Funimation will be streaming an episode of Psycho-Pass was pulled from Japanese TV due to its similarity to an actual murder case.

-In lighter news, this Naruto movie trailer implies that something is ending, but darned if I know what it will be.

-Were plebeians supposed to forget about soccer once World Cup ended?  Neymar can tell you Japan hasn’t.

-How have video games changed for the better since 2008? The 200th episode of Extra Credits takes a look.

-More Digimon Universal Century Adventure is coming in the spring. If you’d rather see actual Digimon fighting instead of 17-year-old versions of Tai and Matt, there’s also going to be a new multiplayer fighting game.

-It seems like there’s a new scam every week now.   At least one LINE user decided to fight back.

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