OTDT Roundabout 10 August 2014

If you haven’t left Baltimore within the past 10 days, here’s some of the news you missed from this week.

-Actually, if you have been stuck in Baltimore for the past couple weeks, you loaded this article this using above-average internet speeds compared to other states.

-If you haven’t been in Baltimore, Cowboy Bebop is getting a Blu-Ray in time for Christmas, and Surprise! Haruhi‘s license got rescued. (Not actually a surprise)

-Not news from Baltimore, but still very important, Cardcaptor Sakura on Crunchyroll!

-Is the secret to a bullish economy to ally with YoKai Watch? Apparently the merchandise is popular, at least.

-Did you know there was anime about ADHD?

Blake Harris has been revealing secret Nintendo things from 20 years ago, like Yoshi’s true name.

Finally, here’s some not-so-secret OTDT things from the past seven days.

See you next week.

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