OTDT Roundabout 17 August 2014

Being on PA Turnpike is suffering. Here are some other things we learned this week.

-Do you like RWBY? Well, tell your friends in Japan about it because it’s being exported there.

-More Yokai Watch news, this time a shoplifting, and this isn’t even our first shoplifting story this week.

-More photography news, this time involving the artistry of wagashi, which we’ve experienced first-hand

-PS4 is now 10 million units strong.  Still a ways to go to catch its predecessors, though.

-If you haven’t heard of Skymark, there’s a chance you won’t for much longer.  The local airline will no longer serve Narita.

-The 1:1 Gundam got a projection mapping show, which at the very least sounds cool.

Other things that sound cool: OTDT.  Here was what we did this past week

Until next week.

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