OTDT Roundabout 24 August 2014

Here’s some of what you missed if you were busy at any of the ELEVEN North American conventions this week.

-We start with new anime news: More character info for the new Tenchi Muyo series has been released (still don’t know how our favorite space swordsman ended up a teacher, of all things),  Also, a new trailer for Gundam Build Fighters: Try is up, with English subtitles!

-Not new anime, but new manga: Viz will be streaming the first three chapters of new Shonen Jump titles in English, starting in September.

-From the travel desk: With more planes coming into Haneda, it only makes sense that JR makes new rail lines to match. One plane that won’t be flying anymore is the Hello Kitty flight between Los Angeles and Taipei.

-We’ve talked about Japan’s sales tax issue quite a bit on our site but with the current PM hesitant to complete the hike to 10%, a former PM says he should do it, anyway.

-All news regarding continues Hyrule Warriors continues to be awesome, but what about the other 3rd-party Zelda games? Kotaku shows us where the bar is set.

-Finally, we have probably the best comps for donating blood.

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