OTDT Roundabout 8 September 2014

Now at a new date and time, it’s the weekly wrap-up of otaku news hit and missed from the past seven days.

-We start with some Digimon news, cryptic as it may be.  Hopefully, this will be a more pleasant experience than SMC has been.

-Wanted to make that adorable felt Nyanko-sensei but couldn’t make it work? There’s now a video tutorial from the publisher of the felt kit.

Edge of Tomorrow has finally passed $100 million domestically. You can check out our take on it here.

-More proof it’s gonna be the future soon: We have a replica of Hatsune Miku keytar-like substance, Project Morpheus gets a VN-push from the Tekken guys and MMD-created Tesagure! is getting another season.  Oh, and there’s this.

-Speaking of Tekken, did you think Pokken Tournament was a surprise?  The producers certainly did.

-Finally, need a reason to get hype for the new Smash Bros? You can beat up AKB!

Of course, we have plenty of reasons to get hype about OTDT.  Here’s some of what we did this past week.

And there’ll be plenty more this week, too.  Hope you enjoy it.

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