OTDT Roundabout 15 September 2014

It’s everything you missed from OTDT and around the web.

-First, some follow-ups: You might fight AKB Miis in the new Smash, but they aren’t part of the packaged game. Also, Yokai Watch isn’t the only super-big thing in Japan right now; Aikatsu! is, too, and it makes getting into McDonald’s rather difficult 

-Apple using NFC isn’t all that revolutionary.  Samsung used it, and so did Japan. You remember that scene from Eden of the East, right?

-If you’d like to see cats in a cafe and live in or are planning to visit the Los Angeles area, perhaps Catfe’s 2nd bite at the Kickstarter is for you.

-Do you want a collection of Xenosaga video games published for your buying pleasure? Katsuhiro Harada says…not so fast. How about a Cure-esque Tatsunoko crossover game instead?

-In WTF adpation news, Samurai becomes a musical, and the girls of The World God Only Knows get to mingle with trains.  Someone out there has one heck of an IMAGINATION (I’m never sorry)

-Finally, if you have ramen donuts for breakfast, perhaps you can have an all-black cheeseburger for lunch?

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