OTDT Roundabout 22 September 2014

A wrap-up of everything covered and uncovered from the past week.

-We start with a local story: Video game review series Classic Game Room is old enough to have a 15th anniversary DVD and get it funded by Kickstarter. They now have a new DVD for their spin-off CGR Undertow.

-Moving from Pittsburgh to Hollywood, Roberto Orci isn’t doing the Power Rangers movie now. Apparently the third Star Trek takes precedence.

-LINE is prepping for an IPO. SoftBank isn’t interested.

-In addition to VOCALOID x Late Night, there’s now VOCALOID x Bunraku puppetry.  Oh, and a new DIVA game for the 3DS.

-Speaking of music, I’m not sure how high-octane a concert can be when it’s at Mt. Fuji. That’s elevation, Holmes.

-Finally, Game Informer is one of many that was covering Tokyo Game Show.  Here’s a nice link-dump.

Speaking of link dumps, here’s what OTDT covered in the past seven days, via the site and Facebook.

Have a good week.

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