OTDT Roundabout 13 October 2014

If you’ve been stuck in convention centers and hotels with no internet for the past week, here’s what both you and OTDT covered over the past seven days.

-First some fun things to come out of NYCC: Crunchyroll beefed up its roster with Dectective Conan and tokusatsu; Rightstuf gets the US rights to Gundam; Yen Press adds the To Aru manga and Emma to its lineup of books; and Miku wasn’t the only Vocaloid taking New York by storm.

-Kotaku’s Brian Ashcraft got a New 3DS and has been comparing it to the old one, physically and otherwise.

-One of the most-watched television programs each year, NHK’s Kohaku Uta Gassen has its hosts/team captains for this year’s New Year’s Eve battle.

-The SqEnix/SNK lawsuit now has a countersuit.  Isn’t this fun?

-Lost in the hubbub of a certain other manga ending, the winding down of Soul Eater Not! kinda got lost in the shuffle.

Other things you may not have caught from the OTDT crew last week:

A new week starts today for some, tomorrow for others.  Either way, I hope this week as good as the one before, if not better.

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