OTDT Roundabout 20 October 2014

Covering all the news from the past week, including the topics we missed.

Macross Delta has open casting for the star of their upcoming series. Let’s hope it doesn’t take until 2017 for it to start.

-From want ads to product ads, Fairfield Inn has a new spokeswoman, American Ninja Warrior standout Kacy Catanzaro. Check out the ad here.

-The super-violent Terraformars got a super adorable gag manga, which is ending later this month. Yet another thing that won’t outlast cockroaches.

-A long time ago, in an English-Japanese dictionary far, far away…

-From the This Probably Shouldn’t Surprise Us Dept: When festival floats mix with Shonen Jump, fights break out. (Don’t worry, it’s supposed to happen, apparently.)

-Bots in MMO’s are nothing new, but in a competitive game like League of Legends, it can get even more problematic. Luckily, Riot’s trying to patch the dam.

As always, we conclude with a wrap-up of what OTDT’s stuck its fingers into this week, both on our site and on Facebook.

We’ll see you all next week, I hope.

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