OTDT Roundabout 27 October 2014

Your weekly recap of the week that was in OTDT plus some of the stories we missed.

-You may have come across Urbance in your internet browsing a while ago, but perhaps you didn’t know that this Canadian animation is collaborating with Studio Ghibli animator Hiroshi Shimizu. Here’s a video showing his involvement in the project.

-If a Citroen isn’t trying to abscond with something in the next Cars movie, I’ll be very disappointed.

-Want to buy figures direct from Bandai? Tamashii Nations is setting up a web shop for North America! If you want snacks, Kotaku has a monthly mail service to recommend.

-Toei has trademarked what could be the next super sentai.

-Ever feel like dancing in the dark? You can do that in Japan very soon. First reported in June, Japan is going torelax of decades-old laws.

-Finally, even though the Roundabout is posted at 8AM every Monday, it’s never too early to hear LeVar Burton read a NOT SAFE FOR WORK bedtime story.

Meanwhile, here’s some of what the bright-eyed and bushy-tailed OTDT crew did over the past 7 days.

That’s all for last week. Have a good this week, and have a safe weekend.

We’ll see you all next week, I hope.

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