OTDT Roundabout 3 November 2014

The time is now to recap last week’s news

-Anyone who subscribes to Dish Network may have noticed that their Cartoon Network feeds have gone out, along with every other Turner network. It’s already bad news and it may get worse.

-We already talked about cheap lodging options in Japan already, but now add manga apartments to the list. I’m still looking for the catch.

-While you’re there, you can try to do these 100 things. It sounds like a lot, but I think between our group, we did about 32 of these in two weeks either individually or as a group.

-Like Beyoncé, Ayumi Hamasaki released some new music to no fanfare. Unlike Beyoncé, no one seemed to buy it.

-This past week a Japanese school tried to replicate Ghibi movie lunches to mixed success. Perhaps they needed to be served with a side of grump.

-Finally make fun of this “two-week” manga kit all you want, but ¥4,500 sounds like a reasonable price for getting professionals to critique your work.

While you’re waiting for your work to come back, why don’t you review what OTDT did last week?

I hope you all adjust quickly to the new week, and if you’re a US citizen of the age to do so, vote goddammit.

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