OTDT Roundabout 10 November 2014

What all happened last week? Let’s recap!

-Punk Lolita died when Tales of Zestiria said, “Lolita’s not dead! Lolita’s not dead!” Or maybe when they teamed up with Putumayo. Or maybe not at all.

-It’s not like Hayao Miyazaki interrupted his busy schedule to go accept his Honorary Oscar because Pixar CFO John Lasseter asked or anything. Anyway, here’s the acceptance speech.

-In other famous artist news, Akira Toriyama drew Son Goku. Like, the real one (or at least more real).

-Looks like California will be getting two new cafes, a Hello Kitty one in Orange County and an actual kitty cafe in Oakland. That’s great mews! (Not sorry.)

-Can you decode all of the subtleties in One Piece’s send-off to Naruto without having to read the article?

-Finally, here’s an early look at the Godzilla Music Festival. No word on whether Blue Oyster Cult is available.

Meanwhile, at OTDT

And that’s all for our weekly recap. Hope this week is as good to you or better.

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