OTDT Roundabout 17 November 2014

Beginning your week with a wrap-up of the last

-Monster Hunter is getting Madoka skins. Don’t wear the fursuits. Just don’t.

-There will be new Doraemon Plus for the first time in six years.

-A Rumiko Takahashi manga that you may not have heard of yet, RIN-NE, will be getting a TV adaption in March. I don’t know much about it, but I bet there’s action, comedy, and romance and that it ran way too long.

-C is for cafe; that’s good enough for KFC.

-MMA fighter and Ninja Warrior enthusiast-turned boy band lead Genki Sudo took to England for his newest video. Please enjoy the World Order of London!

-Finally, learn what a civet is as in roams around Tokyo, evading capture.

And don’t forget to catch the best of OTDT from the past week.

That’s all from last week. Have fun this week.

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