OTDT Roundabout 24 November 2014

Before you worry about this week, catch up on what you missed from last week.

-You like watching stuff through AnimeLab? Well you’re in luck, they added more stuff.

-Gundam has always had particular stances on war, and one Chinese student decided to make it a specific stance using Gundam SEED. Whether you agree with her or not, you have to admit it’s the most exciting thing to ever have come out of SEED.

-Fantasy Flight, maker of tabletop games that take 2 hours to set up and actively try to kill you, got acquired by Asmodee Games on Monday. The best news is that there won’t be very many positions lost at FF, if any.

-You may not care about the new Call of Duty, but you probably like funny videos.  People who have posted the latter about the former, specifically glitches, are getting takedown notices from Activision.

-Pokemon ORAS news! While you’re pouring one out for the old ladies, enjoy the reading of the “Too much water” review that everyone blew out of proportion, as well as some endgame content SPOILERS.

-Finally, we may or may not have mentioned here that gambling is technically illegal in Japan, though there have been some recent efforts to make it legal. If you’re against the idea because it would create addiction in adults, I’m afraid I’ve got some bad news.

On the bright side, OTDT has walked the straight and narrow to bring you these stories this week.

Enjoy your week and stay safe.

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