OTDT Roundabout 1 December 2014

One last check of the news from the penultimate month of the year.

-Nintendo has a patent for emulating Game Boy games for non-Game Boy devices. If you wanted to play it on a 3DS XL, though, I’m afraid I’ve got some bad news.

-What was big in Japan this year? Dentsu made a list and checked it twice. Rachel & Jun are also putting their finger on the pulse of Japan, asking what Japanese college students think of America.

-Along with a film, there’s an Attack on Titan exhibit, and Kotaku’s Brian Ashcraft got a sneak peek. Of course, you can enjoy these realistic looking Dragon Ball posters for free.

-After you’re done watching the Princess Jellyfish film, you can buy some Princess Jellyfish clothes before you head back to your Princess Jellyfish apartment.

-Girls magazine Nakayoshi turned 60! Hooray! I wonder what they’ll do to celebrate.

-Finally, enjoy the world’s biggest LAN Party.

Ain’t no party like an OTDT party cuz an OTDT party covered this:

That’s all from last week. Enjoy this week.