OTDT Roundabout 8 December 2014

Last week, this morning.

-Want to know what’s in demand this holiday season across the Pacific? Amazon figured out the list for you, because of course they did.

-There’s scuttlebutt that Marvel’s new Star Wars comic will sell over 1 million copies and it isn’t even out yet!

Street Fighter V will be exclusive to PC and PS4, but will support cross-platform play. Hopefully, the latter will be the start of a trend. Of course, the bad news is the people making the game on the Sony side will likely be getting a pay cut.

-So Nintendo herd u liek Marshtomps

-Apparently (and somewhat unsurprisingly) the story isn’t going to end with the last chapter of Naruto. (WARNING: Spoilers)

-Finally, here’s a list of all the Annie Award nominees. There are some Japanese names on that list, too.

And of course, here are some things we nominate for your reading list, courtesy of OTDT.

That’s all from last week. Enjoy this week.

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