Well-Fed: The Top Facebook Stories of 2014

The eight most popular posts on our OTDT Facebook page.

By year’s end, we will have made just about 1,000 posts on our Facebook page. From live-blogging to news to Roundabout bait and everything in between, it’s been a year full of stuff. Being a major contributor to the page, I wanted to gauge what stuff was most interesting. Using a secret scientific algorithm called “downloading spreadsheets,” I figured out what our eight most cared about stories were, based on what Facebook calls “Post Total Impressions” which is something only marketers probably know what it actually means.

The following are ordered by post onto Facebook and includes a link to our post in the header. Enjoy.

April 15: Jei Shepard draws Sailor Scouts as Avengers

Part of “We Are Not Soliders” by jei-shepard

Pining for summer movie season (although Winter Soldier was in February), we linked to a Kotaku article highlighting this talented tumblr artist. How does the post only have 6,400 notes? That seems criminally low.

May 2: Matt Smith to join cast of new Terminator

The Hollywood Reporter helped to break the story of the 11th Doctor joining Terminator: Genisys, and we’ve been speculating what his role would be ever since.

June 16: Japanese fans clean up after World Cup

Rocket News 24 salvaged this story about how the Japanese view on tidiness made it all the way over to Brazil. Unsurprisingly, Japan’s baseball hooligans (as opposed to the soccer hooligans for the Samurai) would learn that those views don’t extend to America.

June 30: Anime Expo gets granola

courtesy Anime Expo’s twitter

This whole thing just so weird. I’m not even sure the OTDT crew were able to even. The Internet is messed up.

July 27: Oh! great draws monsters for Digimon game

Meet Eater, a critter in the upcoming Digimon Cyberslueth game. It doesn’t look like a girl’s rack, which is kind of strange, coming from the creator of Tenjho Tenge, Air Gear, and Legend of Himiko. I’m still quite interested in the game, especially if it really is just Persona but with the monsters not being inside your head.

August 20: First trailer for Princess Jellyfish film 

The movie comes out on the 27th (not soon enough) and stars Masaki Suuda of Kamen Rider W fame alongside Rena Nounen, who starred in Amachan which was a drama about a girl trying to be a sea diver. That’s not coincidental at all, now is it?


September 14: Valkyria Chronicles cast joins Dengeki Bunko fighting game

Bles this post. (I’m not sorry at all.)

November 5: OTDT Returns!

OTDT Season 3 Episode 1, Blurriecon, Anime USA, and Miku on Letterman

OTDT Season 3 Episode 1, Blurriecon, Anime USA, and Miku on Letterman

That’s right, we still have a podcast, and I spent most of the episode realizing how realistic Miku’s blah performance actually was. It was so meta.