OTDT Roundabout 15 December 2014

Your morning wrap-up of last week

-It looks like PM Abe is going to get what he wanted with this weekend’s election. BBC has a good summary of how we got to his party’s expected landslide.

-Michael Keaton doesn’t give a Bat-hoot about Ben Affleck being Batman.

-Speaking of Batman, you know who else doesn’t like guns? Hayao Miyazaki. Of course one counter-argument (among several) is that Miyazaki doesn’t like anything.

-Naruto musical. Believe it.

-If you ever wanted to see the stark contrast between CD sales and digital sales (at least in terms of content), this article should be definitive.

-Finally, enter the wonderful world of generic fantasy sewing patterns. Not like anyone of this group would use such a thing.

Meanwhile, here’s some more news you can use, courtesy of the OTDT staff:

That’s all from last week. We hope you enjoy this week.

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