OTDT Roundabout 22 December 2014

News still happens around the holidays. Take one last look at what happened last week.

-I normally wouldn’t write a post about an episode of Tabletop because you should all be watching Tabletop anyway, but D&D 5th Edition is better than 3rd and 4th? We already talked about 5th edition a little bit, but still…

-In other news, if you think TV and movies has gotten out of hand with violence and murder? Have you watched a cartoon lately? They’re worse!

-Any old-time arcade fan will sadly tell you that pinball machines just aren’t relevant anymore…unless you make one out of memes.

-What show would you least want to be the hero of? People were surveyed and the answer might surprise you.

-While the US media has spent the past few days and weeks chewing and mulling over the hacking of Sony (we’re not immune), Japan really….hasn’t.

-Finally, Armin Arlert wants to make sure you stretch.

Now that you’re nice and limber, you can catch up on OTDT’s week that was.

Enjoy your time off. Celebrate safely.

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