OTDT Roundabout 29 December 2014

Your weekly recap of the week’s news

-What did you get for Christmas? Apparently this guy got a rock.

-Ever wonder why Japan is so clean? Part of it is this guy who did some Comiket community service.

-There’s a bunch of stuff on the new Super Sentai Nininger and the new PreCure as well. Can those outfits be any poofier?

-This is called Raiders of the Lost Bark. I don’t think further description is needed.

-Hugh Jackman may not always be Wolverine, but when he’s not, he sometimes stars in Japanese car commercials.

-Finally, the curious case of the dollar-store wristwatch that we all had as kids in some way, shape or form.

Meanwhile, the holiday didn’t stop OTDT, they merely distracted while they brought you these fun bits:

We hope to see you in 2015. Stay safe.

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