OTDT Roundabout 12 January 2015

We’re not even 2 weeks in and people are over flying cars. Here’s the rest of last week’s news.

-As our article posts, night will fall on Japan’s Coming of Age Day, which means there were plenty of opportunities to write breast-beating articles about the hopelessness of Japanese twenty-somethings. Good to know it’s not just a Time or Newsweek thing, at least.

-What do you think is the worst board game ever? There are a couple of good (bad?) nominees there.

-This mash-up of anime staples is way too 90’s for me to handle.

-In crowdfunding news, Myoco Anno will be making an anime and Touhou Project is becoming a Super Smash game somehow?

-Semi-tagential to the Smash game item is that Nintendo is pulling out of the Brazilian market.

-Finally, I heard you like fish, so I put a fish in your fish so you can gross everyone out.

There’s nary a red herring to be found in these OTDT offerings from the past week.

And that’s it! Enjoy your week.

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