OTDT Roundabout 19 January 2015

Daylight is the message of news. Here’s what you missed from the past week.

-First is a thinkpiece over why Japan isn’t that big with tourists. Pardon the editorializing, but I feel part of it is the language barrier (many other destinations use English more liberally) and the larger part is that the “exoticizing” of Japan over years and decades has become so great that it scares people away. Tourists like to go to foreign countries, yes, but perhaps Japan seems too foreign.

-If you can get past the awful comic fonts, perhaps you might be interesting in reading how GameStop is trying to survive games going to extreme digital sales measures.

-There’s been some political news that’s worth sharing. The rival party to the one currently in power just held party elections, and it never hurts to deepen your understanding of Article 9 and why debate about it is heating up.

-It’s 2015, and super-advanced AI is here. Apparently that’s a problem.

-In board game news, Mayfair Games likes Parks and Recreation maybe a little too much, and the Green Bay Packers like Catan maybe a little too much. They probably shouldn’t have traded defense for sheep yesterday.

-Finally, enjoy your new updates for your Playstation Portable.

As always, we conclude with updates from the OTDT side of things.

Have a good week.

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