OTDT Roundabout 9 February 2015

No matter what side of the shark you’re on, we’ve got all the news from last week.

-So yeah, apparently this is a thing. And this is a thing again, too.

-Speaking of Netflix, starting this fall, Japanese households can be Netflix-only households, too. Does that mean they’re exempt from the NHK fee?

-In idol-related materia, Aikatsu’s manga is on hold, there will be an anime for Million Doll, and Arina Tanemura is doing Full Moon in reverse.

-Takeshi Miike is going to be directing live-action Terra Formars. There may not be enough fake blood on the continent when he’s done with that.

-Not sure how Beyond The Boundary did in the States, but in Nara prefecture, fans are buying prayer tablets like there’s no tomorrow.

-Finally, all the Sapporo Snow Festival that’s fit to print.

And now, a selection of printed OTDT work:

That’s all from a busy first week of February. Hope to see you all this time next week.

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