OTDT Roundabout 23 February 2015

There’s never enough snow to prevent your weekly round-up of news to not happen. No, there are plenty of other reasons for that.

Oscar recap! At least the relevant bits, anyway.

-Tri-Ace has been eaten up by Nepro Japan. Valkyrie Profile on your mobile? I’d be okay with that.

-Here’s a very detailed article about the meteoric rise of Line.

-There’s going to be a Black Jack play in which the role of Pinoko is going to be a robot. Talk about scientific miracles.

-My major takeaway from this piece about Airbnb in Japan is that wide-scale cultural attitudes and behaviors are incredibly slow to change. Imagine that.

-And finally, the most important article of all time: How the Japanese name their cats.

Nya nya nya OTDT nya nya nya last week.

That’s all from last week. Enjoy this week.

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