OTDT Roundabout 2 March 2015

U Mad it’s March? Or just mad you’re not in Japan? Either way, here’s all of the otaku news you missed from the past week.

-Starting things off a little differently today, because if you haven’t figured out, our own Jim Gogal is in Japan, taking pictures and videos of all the things. Pictures get uploaded to Instagram, there’s been some fun comments on Facebook, there’s even a Photosynth panorama and Narita folk concert videos on our YouTube. And this trip only started Wednesday!

-Jim wasn’t the only one taking in the sites of Japan in hurried fashion: so was this season of The Amazing Race. Friday’s episode featured ramen, ice skating, and an attempted windmill, and it was still more respectful than either season of I Survived A Japanese Game Show.

-One reason Jim’s in Japan is to help send off Berryz Koubou, but it looks like Berryz won’t be the only idol group retiring this year. Idoling!!! will be collecting their gold pocket watches, too. Will they have a fan tour, though?

-Perhaps for the next trip, Jim can look into taking a bus from Narita to Tokyo (assuming he doesn’t just fly to Haneda instead). I dunno, man, the Keisei Skyliner is ¥1,320 (only about $3 more than the access bus) and is totally badass.

-Completely unrelated to Japanese travel at all is an online High School that allows students to make super cute avatars of themselves TinierMe-style. Does anyone else remember TinierMe? Was I the only one who got confused when people started referring to selfies in reference to photographs? Anyway, you can still sign up if you think you’ve got what it takes.

-And for something even more completely different is the tale of a build-as-they-go Japanese residential complex that probably isn’t legal. It would’ve been super ironic if they filmed the Amars scenes for Princess Jellyfish there. I also suppose they didn’t film the specially furnished apartments in Osaka, either. I wouldn’t know because I NEED TO SEE THIS MOVIE WITH EVERY FIBER OF MY BEING OMG

Moving right along, here’s some other non-travel news from OTDT

  • Sara stays even-headed about The Odd Couple.
  • Daigaku Z has a return of the (Sengoku) Jidai.
  • Walmart has a strange selection of magazines.
  • Perfume tops the idol popularity charts.
  • Sega is leaving the console market.
  • Japanese company makes everyday Caturday.

That’s all from last week. I hope this upcoming week will be as awesome as Jim’s.

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