OTDT Roundabout 9 March 2015

The temperatures rise, birds come home, and we present the week in otaku news (plus more trip talk).

-This Friday, 7-11 opened a store in its 44th prefecture. The 45th prefecture, Aomori, will get a conbini this summer. Not sure how they’re going to get to Okinawa, though.

-The film based on “Sakura no Ame” is happening this year as opposed to several years ago when I originally got wind of this. Does anyone even remember the first year of Miku?

-I’ll just quote the headline, because that’s probably all that needs to be said: Japan forms ninja council.

-Looking at the concert calendar, the Japan Times has a review of the KISS x Momoiro Clover show, while our own Jim Gogal reviewed Berryz Kobo’s last ride.

-So how does one go about to make the best manga museum in the world? Akita Prefecture has an answer, but more surprising is that it’s the only one Japan has so far.

-Finally, with 3/11 approaching, it’s worth noting that a Kickstarter has gone up for an artbook featuring the mascot for the relief effort, Tohoku Zunko. They’re looking for $30,000.

Here’s a recap of OTDT’s week:

Hope you’ve all set your clocks accordingly and have a good week.

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