OTDT Roundabout 16 March 2015

We aren’t mad, at least now that the temperature has gone up. How about some otaku news you may have missed?

-We begin with good news for tokusatsu completionists: Shout Factory will release the final batch of Beetleborgs: Metallix on DVD. I’m just waiting for a full release of the Emmy-winning Kamen Rider Dragon Knight myself.

-Any person that thinks this 40-meter deep train entrance in Itoigawa is spooky has clearly never been on the DC Metro. (And yes, stairs are annoying, but at least you can’t fall asleep on the escalator as I nearly have coming home from a con.)

-Here’s an article concerned about the Japanese’s relative inability to learn English, featured by a magazine that likely has some skin in the proverbial game. Although, when a morning English-learning program in Japan has their centerpiece focused on the word “denuclearization,” maybe there really is a perception/reality issue.

-If you go to Sukagawa, be sure to check out the new Ultraman statue. It’s even in color! Sorry, Hachiko.

-While all us cool people were eating pie, Asia and Asian-Americans were involved with White Day festivities. Having Valentine’s Day go both ways is apparently such a radical idea, but any excuse to eat fancy is cool, too.

-Finally, an odd endorsement of travelling to Japan by Nate Silver: sure there are tourist traps, but there are way more locals in Japan than tourists.

Speaking of local, here’s some locally-grown otaku news and views from the OTDT staff:

Until this time next Monday, class dismissed.

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