OTDT Roundabout 23 March 2015

Bringing all of last week’s otaku news to you since 2013. (At least the website has)

-If you’re a civic-minded otaku in the Pittsburgh area, especially North Park, you might be interested in planting some cherry trees or running a 5K in your custom 3D Maneuver Gear.

-Speaking of which, Japanese morning news show ZIP! showed some live action Attack on Titan. (The video was taken down, but the original Japanese post has screencaps, yay!)

-How many nations does it take to successfully revive one of the most important anime in history? Check out the joint effort on the new Astro Boy.

-Set your Japanese DVR’s for May 2nd, in order to archive live-action Puyo Puyo for all eternity. Clearly, nothing could possibly go wrong.

-On the other side of the coin, after reading a description of a Kit Kat sandwich with whipped cream, orange peel, and Japanese white bread, I have yet to find anything that is not completely perfect.

-Finally, I got good news for y’all. Japan Airlines has begun flying from LAX to Osaka. Now #osakatdt can soon become a thing.

That’s all for your grains of truth. Here’s the truth about OTDT’s week.

That’s all for now. We’ll see you again when this week rounds out.

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