OTDT Roundabout 13 April 2015

Hopefully this time, WordPress won’t eat the weekly round-up of otaku news.

-It’s been an odd week for cartoon openings. The possibly-mumblecore Regular Show decided to pastiche Evangelion (along with a bunch of other robot shows in the actual episode), and the oft edgy Gintama anime one-upped itself by ripping from the headlines.

-A lot of video game fans will be going to Hell. Bullet Hell, that is, with the first official English release of a Touhou game. Eastern Project in the West, who’da thunk it?

-In departure news, Shin-chan kayfabe leaves Saitama for Mexico, and DC Comics leaves New York City for real.

-It’s your civic duty to vote in elections, no matter its level of importance. Whether you vote for a NEET running for city council is up to you.

-The one thing not mentioned in this list of grievances senior employees have against younger co-workers: the co-workers are young people and aren’t hardened salarypeople like they are.

-Finally, if you think the new Raspberry Pi model is too big, how about a computer that’s 1 cubic millimeter?

Now remember, children, no pie unless you finish reviewing OTDT’s articles from the past week:

Happy eating.

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