OTDT Roundabout 4 May 2015

In case you had spent all of your energy on a Saturday night full of sportsball, here’s your weekly roundup of otaku news and notes.

-Listen, all y’all. Denpagumi Inc is weird, and teaming up with Hello Kitty to promote bug spray isn’t helping things. (In other words, just as planned.)

-Pitchman for Pachinko parlor to be married to celebrity AKB48 look-alike. Oh, and they’re both robots.

-Speaking of non-human things, one of my favorite events on the Vocaloid Calendar is the Original Model Festival, where everyone comes together to make new assets for MikuMikuDance. Because who doesn’t want a DenLiner?

-Speaking of fanmade things, here is a very long (for the source, anyway) thinkpiece on how the Trans-Pacific Partnership could affect Comiket.

-Another interesting story with real-life implications: Japanese education ministry allowing locker room choice among people of fluid gender.

-Ending on a less serious note, we follow up on a prior story. It seems Shin-chan is doing well as an Exchange Amigo. Maybe get can move north for a spell. Wouldn’t Shin-chan on the River Walk be the greatest thing ever? Hell, Austin would get so weird

OTDT can do weird all by itself. Here’s a sample.

That’s all from last week. Enjoy this week.

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