Person of Interest Introduction and NFC Gaming… vs. Nintendo

In this episode of Otaku Drive Time the cast takes a look at Person of Interest and discuss the growing trend of NFC Gaming. The first part of that discussion is a look at Skylanders and Disney Infinity. The second part is discussion on Nintendo’s Amiibo.

00:00 – Opening Music
00:26 – Opening/Inroduction (Sara, Chris, Jim)
3:53 – Person of Interest (Panelists: Sara, Z)
20:48 – NFC Discussion Pt. 1 – Skylanders and Disney Infinity (Panelists: Z, Aki Munnel)
34:08 – NFC Discussion Pt. 2 – Amiibo (Panelists: Z, Aki Munnel)
44:27 – Closing (Sara, Chris, Jim)<