OTDT Roundabout 1 June 2015

This was us during Elimination Chamber last night (and this was us on Monday). Now here’s us delivering the rest of the week in otaku news.

-We begin with a sports spectacular! American Ninja Warrior featured a bit of Jon Ryan. In a related but uncofirmed story, if you can find anything current about the next season of Wipeout anywhere, you’re doing a better job than us.

-In different sports, the Wake Up, Girls! takes in the Golden Eagles, the beleaguered Hanshin Tigers are getting a one-shot, and Nadeshiko Japan will begin their defense of the Women’s World Cup on Saturday.

Hello Kitty and Love Live, because of course. Maybe this is why Show By Rock!! is winning.

-I don’t care how awesome your tattoo is. It’s not this awesome.

-I think I’ll stick to mechanical pencils with the erasers on top, because if you give me these Japanese erasers, I’ll be too afraid to use them.

-And finally, looks like last week’s earthquake was wide, but not too severe. I do feel for the tourists in Roppongi Hills, though being in Roppongi Hills is itself a recipe for interesting times.

Also of interest, OTDT’s week of work.

That’s all from last week, enjoy this week.

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