OTDT Roundabout 15 June 2015

Living the American otaku dream, one week of news at a time.

-It’s official. Playable Ryu in Smash.

-The clever boys and girls behind Jurassic World ended up having the biggest weekend of all time. Of all time!

-Here’s an article about 2D girlfriends (and boyfriends) that’s actually rational and not terribly patronizing.

-Speaking of 2D-love, here’s a brief history of otome games.

-I am eagerly awaiting the next big video game crossover: Guilty Gear and Kunio-kun.

-And in sports, Nadeshiko Japan coasts into the Knockout Stage of the very popular Women’s World Cup.

Here’s what stands at the top of the OTDT table:

That’s all from last week. Enjoy this week.

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