Heat Wave

As far as I know, television programs that get translated into books are few and far between (usually it’s the other way around). It’s an exciting thing from all perspectives, though, because it allows the media to produce more and varied merchandise, and the audience gets to take their visual idea of the story and move it into the realm of the fully imaginary.

Heat Wave

The subject for this week is one example of just such a situation. I’m referring to Heat Wave and its sequels, which sprouted from the television series “Castle”. On the show, the title character is a writer who had just killed off the main character from his cash-cow series of novels. When the police come looking for him because someone’s committing murders like those that have taken place in his books, he discovers he’s found his next main character. Of course, everyone else around him makes it into the books as well (except his daughter, sadly), and it’s incredibly easy to tell who’s who.

In the books, Jameson Rook is a freelance, award-winning news writer who’s always in search of his next big lead. Friends with many of New York City’s big-wigs, he finds his way to the side of police detective Nikki Heat, who naturally isn’t exactly thrilled on the matter. Much like their television counterparts, they solve several cases together. Unlike Richard and Kate, though, they get intimate in volume 1, just as Castle joked when manuscripts of the book were circulating on the show. Everyone’s character is pitch perfect, which adds charm where the actual story may be lacking in substance.

This series isn’t meant to be anything other than a silly hook to bring a little bit of the tv world into the real world, and it’s actually pretty successful in that regard. Reading these books will feel like watching episodes of Castle, especially when events from the show are transcribed into the text. If you’re a fan of the show and you’re looking for something silly, this is one to check out.

Rating: 4th Gear

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