OTDT Roundabout 29 June 2015

Love wins

-We start with some sad news. Stationmaster Tama passed away at the age of 16. A funeral was held on Sunday. Godspeed, Tama. Give our regards to George Carlin while you’re up there.

-Also sad-ish news, Nico Yazawa’s apartment is about to be torn down. No word on whether this will effect μ’s other projects.

-Here’s something happy, if you don’t think Taiko Drum Master (Taiko no Tatsujin) isn’t super awesome, perhaps this Studio Ghibli short will change your mind.

-The final votes for the Sanrio Character Rankings are in, and it looks last summer’s controversy tanked Hello Kitty’s chances for a repeat.  In a less shocking but related story, Yo-kai Watch is the most popular with kids.

-How can it be 41 freaking years since you last raised the price on your products?

-Speaking of decades-old things, here’s an interesting benefit to young Tom Holland being movie Spider-Man.

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That’s all from this week, but stay tuned. We’re going to have something interesting on Facebook later tonight.

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